Administrative Leadership in Social Work & Aging

Since beginning my faculty position at the Rutgers School of Social Work in 2007, I served as the Faculty Coordinator for Rutgers School of Social Work’s Programs on Aging. In this position, I lead efforts to develop the School’s educational opportunities for specialization in aging. I also initiated and participated in partnerships between the University and aging services professionals to address important issues facing our aging population. These responsibilities included:

  • Administering the Rutgers School of Social Work’s MSW Certificate in Aging and Health Program.
  • Overseeing the Rutgers School of Social Work’s MSW Fellowship in Aging Program, which is a competitive program focused on developing social work leaders for an aging society.
  • C0-chairing the community-based advisory board that oversees training opportunities in aging for matriculated social work students.
  • Serving as the lead teacher for aging-focused courses, including Clinical Social Work: Aging and Aging Services: A Critical Perspective.
  • Overseeing the “Rutgers Social Work and Aging” Facebook page with over 400 members and growing.

Beginning in the spring of 2014, I began working with upper administrators at the Rutgers School of Social Work to transition my leadership responsibilities for the Programs on Aging to other faculty members within our school. This strategic direction reflects the growing number of MSW students who seek to specialize in aging and health, the evolving administrative arrangements within the School, as well as my growing focus on grant-funded research.

Contributions to the Scholarly Community

I have served as a reviewer for more than two dozen journals, including The Journals of Gerontology: Psychological and Social SciencesJournal of Gerontological Social Work, and Social Science & Medicine. I am on the Editorial Board of The Gerontologist and The Journal of Marriage and Family, and as of the winter of 2014, I am an associate editor for the Journals of Gerontology: Social Sciences.